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What people are saying

Galit pushes me to my full potential! Always a great workout with Health By Galit
I used to get fatigued a lot during the day, now I don't! Galit has done a great job restoring my energy and spirit!
I go to Galit's Calisthenic and Picnic classes and I always have a blast! It's a great workout and the community out there is so welcoming and accepting!
I lost 20 lbs in no time! I love that Galit has a great mission to empower people to live healthier and happier lives.
Galit's gentle grace and genuine touch is what elevates her to a rare group of personal trainers. She helped me lose over 30 pounds of body fat which allows me to better enjoy my life.
GALIT molds a different type of mindset in you to help you create healthy habits for life!
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