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1:1 Personal Training 

Achieve your best shape through simplified nutrition and exercise routines

If you have been struggling with this “all or nothing” approach to fitness and have seen results for a short period of time only to quickly lose the results again, then it’s time to find a balanced approach that is more sustainable.

You will not be put through rigorous exercise routines 6-7 days a week, adhere to strict diets, or give up your favorite foods.

I will teach you how to create enjoyable healthy habits that fit around your lifestyle for long lasting change. My approach is balanced and progressive.

I meet you where you are currently at and help you create new enjoyable healthy habits one at a time.

I help you become a healthier and happier version of yourself through simplified exercise and nutrition routines.
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Personalized workouts designed to meet you where you're at and progressively improve your mobility, strength, and endurance

Whether your goals are to gain muscle, lose weight, strength training, improve endurance, or fat loss, Health By Galit can assess your current fitness levels and develop an individualized workout and nutrition plan to help you meet your goals in an efficient, effective, and safe way.

Our rates are affordable, and your first session with your personal trainer is free. After your first free session, you can decide which personal training package you would like to commit too.


Take the first step today to feel like the best version of yourself!

Feel the motivation pulsating through each session, guiding you towards strength, vitality, and confidence.
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