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I’m Galit! I believe living a healthy lifestyle all starts by choosing nutrient dense foods and maintaining a strong fit body. I will help you identify your fitness and nutritional goals and design you a safe and efficient program that is tailored for you. My aim is to help teach you how to incorporate healthy habits and how to remove unhealthy habits from your life. After working with me you will develop a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable, enjoyable, and fulfilling. Are you ready to create long lasting changes for a better you? Let's get started today!



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1. A “why” behind the purpose of certain exercises and food/beverage choices.

2. An integrative and balanced approach towards health that values holistic wellness and science equally.

3. A 3-step progressive plan to help you achieve and maintain your health, fitness, and nutritional goals.



From a young age, I have been active. When I was in high school, I was inspired to research holistic health, nutrition, and fitness.  As I implemented healthier behaviors (eating more nutrient dense foods and doing strength/cardio training), my mental and physical health tremendously improved.  I felt more energized and confident. I began to share what I had learned and experienced with friends and family. While combining my passion for exercise, health, and helping people, I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology with a minor in Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts. I’m currently pursuing a license as a Physical Therapist Assistant. 




     My diverse client base includes:


All genders

Ages 17-80 

All fitness levels

Various fitness goals (lower body fat, increase lean muscle mass, strengthen bones, muscles, and joints, lower blood sugar, and other bio markers). 

  Clients suffering with chronic diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, obesity, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease).

Specializing in weight loss, strength training, and senior fitness.


The best and most valuable investment you can make in your life is your health


  • FREE health consultation

  • Customized exercise programs based on fitness level, needs, and goals.

  • Customized meal plan

  • Pantry makeover 

  • Nutrional guide with clean food swaps 

  • Quick, clean, & easy recipes that taste amazing 

  • Grocery shopping list 

  • Dining hacks to help you enjoy going out and still feel great the next day!

  • Accountability 

  • 24/7 support 


1 on 1 personal zoom sessions 


  • FREE fitness consultation 

  • Customized exercise programs based on fitness level, needs, and goals 

  • Weekly check ins and feedback

  • Monthly checkups (body fat % and measurements

  • Accountability

  • 24/7 support (text, or email)


Rates start at $240/month

1 on 1 in person personal training 

  • FREE fitness consultation

  • Customized exercise programs based on fitness levels, needs, and goals.  

  • Weekly check ins and feedback.

  • Monthly checkups (body fat % and measurements)

  • Accountability

  • 24/7 support (text, or email)

Rates start at $320/month


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Vickie C

After battling breast cancer, I had to take a drug for 5 years to prevent the cancer from returning. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of the medication was bone loss and osteoporosis. To help combat the rate of bone loss, Galit created a structured exercise program for me to follow. This helped me strengthen my bones and improve my balance. After working with Galit for 6 months I have felt the strongest I ever have. I've noticed an increase in my endurance, and better posture.


Galit is an asset to the fitness industry. She has a lot of knowledge and really understands the human body. Galit is kind, encouraging, and loves helping people. I am blessed to have a trainer that really cares about me and my long-term health.


It's never too late to begin your health journey! Now is the time!

Austin, TX, USA

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